The Gown “Red spider” by Katarzyna Bonda

Justyna, 17 May

Last months are an amazing experience for me – together with twenty Polish writers I design a special fashion collection! This special project is developed thanks to my cooperation with Książniczki and Marginesy Publishing.

The red long dress for the queen of the Polish crime novel – Katarzyna Bonda – is a couture gown whose premiere took place at the Warsaw Book Fair, in April 2018.
Here is how the author describes the design:
I present to You the work (not yet finished, photos are from the fitting 🙂 of Justyna Ołtarzewska – haute couture dress dedicated to the last part of the series about Sasha – “Red Spider”, designed by the artist (who agreed to take some of my suggestions, for example, not to reveal the legs , bust and nothing at all … except the back with spiderweb 🙂 I intend to appear in it for you on Warsaw Book Fair and present with pride, along with a red brick with dimensions of over 800 pages …! #Bonda and now the details from the designer: – 5 meters of red crepe on the dress itself, bias cut, 2 meters extra only on hand cut trimms, which, after sewing, form long strings (called noodles …) ***
I personally think that this is a cruel waste, but I had nothing to say :))) and the effect – I assure – is insane!!! 587cm of these trimmings creates spider web that Justyna hand-made tying knots, and then matched to my back. The red spider, exactly in the color of my dress, was created by the designer based on photos of 3 different spiders, and was printed on satin lining. Such a dress is unique, created slowly, during many hours, individually fitted, like haute couture – there will be no other!
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